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About the Olympiad

The Online Olympiad in Linguistics was conceived as an annual competition that would allow secondary school students from all over the world to get closer to understanding the scientific beauty of language. It can also serve as practice before the (offline) International Linguistics Olympiad, which takes place every summer and brings together students from many countries. Unlike the IOL, however, the Online Olympiad is well suited for problems that involve real-time interaction and feature multimedia materials.

Each linguistics problem concerns a different language. Nevertheless, participation in the Olympiad does not require the student to have any prior knowledge of linguistics or languages. All the data necessary to solve the problem is contained in it, and it is up to the participant to obtain the solution by correctly putting the necessary pieces of information together.

The core of our team currently consists of several problem committee members of the Ukrainian Linguistics Olympiads and a few international volunteers. We have been organizing online contests for Ukrainian students since 2015, and we are excited to share this kind of experience with other nations.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .


Editors Past Editors Maintainers

Tamila Krashtan


Onling co-founder, co-chair of the Ukrainian LO,
and APLO jury member

Vlad A. Neacșu

Hong Kong / Romania

APLO jury chair (2022, 2023), organizer of HKLO
and the Romanian LO

Emmy Bonser


a casual polyglot with a tendency to get distracted by rocks
IOL Honorable Mention (2022), IESO Excellent (2021)

Pradish Gandhi S


an enthusiast of physics, astronomy, and linguistics
top 10 in IJSO Stage 1 in India (2021), placed 3rd in Physics Brawl (2022)

Seiko Ishii


an avid fan of language learning and a debater on hiatus
IOL Gold (2022), APLO Gold (2022) & Bronze (2020)

Daria Kryvosheieva


a lover of linguistics, NLP, and languages
IOL Silver (2022), Gold (2021) & Bronze (2019), APLO Gold (2022), placed 2nd in Internationale Deutscholympiade (2020)

Eppu Leinonen


a fanatic of all things language and physics
IOL Honorable Mention (2022), IPhO Honorable Mention (2021), EuPhO Bronze (2022), NBPhO Gold (2022) & Bronze (2021)

Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui


an admirer of the night-sky
IOL participant (2022), qualifier for the Indian IOAA TSTs (2021, 2022)

Vedant Singh


an aficionado of language and computer sciences
IOL Bronze (2021), APLO Silver (2021, 2022)

Mat Barrier
London, UK

Rian Fernandes
Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil

Minkyu Kim
Irvine, California, USA

Tamila Krashtan
Kyiv, Ukraine

Oleh Kuzyk
Lviv, Ukraine

Ye Liu
Nanjing, China

Anna Matsui
Kyiv, Ukraine

Danylo Mysak
Kyiv, Ukraine

Vlad Andrei Neacșu
Copenhagen, Denmark

Jan Petr
Czech Republic

Nick Pothikamjorn
Winchester, UK

Alivanza Rhufyano
Kuta, Indonesia

Michał Śliwiński
Wrocław, Poland

Nicolas Wang
Shanghai, China

Elysia Warner
Birmingham, UK

Jaeyeong Yang
Seoul, South Korea

Danylo Mysak
Kyiv, Ukraine

Tamila Krashtan
Kyiv, Ukraine

Join Us

To make the Olympiad truly international, we are looking for people who could translate and adapt linguistics problems for their native languages.

We would also be happy to work with problem authors from around the globe so the Olympiad can become still more educational and engaging.

Please don’t hesitate to write us at  if you want to join our team.

About the Olympiad


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