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Online Olympiad in Linguistics 2019

January 25–28, 2019

The Online Olympiad in Linguistics 2019 started on Friday, January 25 (7:00 amUTC) and lasted till Monday, January 28 (10:00 pmUTC). Participants could begin working on the problems at any time during this period. From the moment they first saw the test, they had exactly four hours to work on the problems and type in their answers (explanations were not required for this year’s contest). Less time was available for those who started after 6:00 pm on Monday.

The test consisted of four problems of varying difficulty. Two of the problems were interactive, and the other two involved multimedia materials.

The final results of the contest can be found here.

One does not need to have any prior knowledge of linguistics or languages to solve the problems, as each problem is self-sufficient.

During the contest, participants were required to work individually and were not allowed to use any outside help. In particular, any interaction with other people or the Internet (apart from this website) was prohibited.

Secondary/high school students from any country were eligible to participate.

The contest is currently held in English, Russian, and Ukrainian (meaning that the problem set is available in each of these languages). We are working on adding more languages in the future editions of the Olympiad.


Last updated February 4, 2019