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Online Olympiad in Linguistics 2020

January 24–27, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the second Online Olympiad in Linguistics is taking place this January. Secondary/high school students from any country are eligible to participate.

The 2020 Olympiad started on Friday, January 24 (7:00 amUTC) and lasted till Monday, January 27 (10:00 pmUTC). Everyone registered for the competition could begin working on the problems at any time during the contest period. From the moment a contestant first saw the test, they had 4 hours and 30 minutes to work on the problems and type in their answers. (Less time was available for those who started the test after 5:30 pmUTC on January 27.) It was not necessary to explain one’s answers in this year’s contest.

The test consisted of four problems of varying difficulty. Some of the problems were interactive, and some featured audio or video. To work comfortably, a laptop or a desktop computer was needed. The problems were self-sufficient—contestants didn’t need to have any prior knowledge of linguistics or languages to participate (apart from the chosen working language).

This year we offered English, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Korean as working languages: the problem set was available in each of these languages, and contestants could use any of them when inputting their answers. Participants were able to specify their working language during registration and update their preference in the contest area before they started working on the problems.

During the contest, participants were required to work individually and were not allowed to use any outside help. In particular, any interaction with other people or the Internet (apart from this website) was prohibited.

The final results of the contest have been published. Certificates can be downloaded from the contest area. Preliminary scores were announced on January 29 in the contest area. Contestants could appeal the scores until February 2.

Problems & Answers

If you have any questions, please contact us at  or via our Facebook page.


Last updated February 2, 2020